For fresh breath - Lozenges with oxygen against bad breath

For fresh breath - Lozenges with oxygen against bad breath

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100 g = 9.18 €

100 g = 9.18 €

-- fresh breath en route -- lozenges with oxygen for fresh breath

-- suitable for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics

-- alcoholfree, sugarfree, without natriumlaurysulfate (foamer) and benzalkoniumchloride

1. The ingredients zinklaktat, oxygen, and xylitol influence directly the anaerobe bacteria causing bad breath. This prevents bad breath at the root

2. Additionally the natural citrusmint influences a bad taste positive. So a fresh breath arises

3. The saliva-production increases. Because of this one swallows more anaerobe bacteria. But there are stil enough for predigestion

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics

Alcoholfree, sugarfree, no natriumlaurysulfate (foamer).

Ingredients: Sorbitol, maltodextrin. natural aromes (mixture of natural aromes and sialogogues), natural xylitol, magnesiumstearat (out of plants), zincgluconate, rebiana (stevia)

72 pieces

Application: Take a pastille whenever your mouth feels dry or if you think you have bad breath or a bad taste. 3 to 4 lozenges a day are sufficient to keep the mouth fresh, moist and with fresh breath

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