KAUX Peppermint Dental Care chewing gum

KAUX Peppermint Dental Care chewing gum

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100 g = 7.92 €


Xylitol also prevents mouth odor. Because it stimulates saliva production, there are two effects against mouth odor:

First, saliva contains a lot of oxygen that keeps the anaerobic bacteria in check and

second, these bacteria are swallowed together with the saliva.

Caries prophylaxis and more thanks to highly dosed xylitol (1.06g / gum).

KauX is a chewing gum with highly dosed xylitol. Between meals, we often do not have the time to clean our teeth. To prevent tooth decay the kauX is an optimal solution for between.

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a natural product and is derived from plants. The xylitol in kauX chewing gum is made from grain instead of wood (mostly birch). The advantage of this is that the technology is less complex and significantly less initial material is needed. In addition, grain is a fast-growing raw material. GM crops are for sure not used. The modern extraction process guarantees pure, carefully prepared xylitol.


Xylitol (70%), Gum Base, Natural mint Flavors, Sojalecithin, Gum Arabic, Calciumcarbonat, Carnauba Wax. Per gum 1.06 g xylitol - Recommended daily quantity: 3 x 2 chewing gums

Average nutritional values ​​per gum (1.5 g):

Calorific value: 2.4 kcal

Fat: 0.0 g

Carbohydrates: 1.0 g - of which

Xylitol: 1.0 g

Protein: 0.0 g

Sodium: 0.0 g

Filling quantity per can: 60 g e (40 pieces)

Four delicious flavors:



Fresh Fruit


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