Atemfrisch® Mundspülung (mouthwash/ oral rinse)

  • works effectively against bad breath without

  • damaging the oral flora. Fight your mouth odor without a break.

Test yourself here at once whether you could have mouth odor: To the test




Are you sure to have got fresh breath?!


As an affected person, we smell our own mouth odor very seldom, because our brain fades out the body odors.
Otherwise we could only smell the odors around us changed or not at all. We want to clean up with a myth:
breathing into the hand and then smelling does not work to recognize mouth odor!
 How can we recognise whether we are suffering from a bad breath?
    1. Lick over the back of your hand or wipe the tongue with a fresh cloth. After about 30 seconds, smell 
        the back of the hand or the cloth.
    2. Use the oral odor online test for a first evaluation 
    3. Test your breath with an halimeter. First indications gives the Tanita breath tester.
    4. A test at the dentist with a professional halimeter
    5. The safest method is to ask a someone you trust
 For 90%, sulfide odors are the raeson of oral odor. Sulfides are derivatives of hydrogen sulfide - in the 
 word "sulfur" the smell is already present. These sulfides are a result of pre-digestion in the mouth and 
 There, so-called anaerobic bacteria start to decompose proteins in the food. Anaerobic bacteria do not 
 like oxygen and are found in the papillae of the tongue, in the gums, or in the pharynx, where less oxygen 
 is present.
 During this process of pre-digestion the sulfides are built in the mouth and throat. In approximately 18% of 
 the population, these sulfides are permanently perceived as an oral odor. Why not by the other 82% has 
 not been clarified until now
 Because also the other 82% of the human beings sometimes have bad breath! E.g. the mouth odor in the 
 morning, if someone for example talks a lot (teachers, salesmen), someone who sleeps because of a cold 
 or after drinking alcohol with open mouth. Or, if e.g. ate garlic and onion in an greek restaurant or with a 
 We, the company Tetrobreath GmbH, are working since 2002 at the topic “mouth odor” and how to avoid/ 
 fight it.
 In the development of the new Atemfrisch Mundspülung, 15 years of experience have now been 
 We are still convinced that a high dose of oxygen is the best way to avoid the mouth odor and get fresh 
 Why? Let us take a look at the aternatives to get fresh breath offered on the market:
Cover the mouth odor
 A lot of sweets, chewing gums, pastilles, spicy mouthwashes (often also with alcohol, which additionaly 
extracts oxygen out of the mouth), etc., offer the fresh breath promise. But how long does it last? How much 
sugar, etc. do you eat with them and it only lasts for minutes? As an exception, we see products that contain 
xylitol. Because xylitol stimulates saliva formation. Saliva also contains oxygen, and, when swallowing the 
saliva, many anaerobic bacteria are also swallowed. Kaux chewing gum
 Killing the anaerobic bacteria
 Many products against bad breath kill the anaerobic bacteria. This stops the pre-digestion and no sulfide is 
produced which smells. So, the mouth odor is gone. These products are recognizable by the fact that after a 
certain application time an application pause is to be applied. Or that the products should be used only for a 
certain time and that then a break has to be made. Why? Because not only the bacteria are killed but also 
because the mouth flora is disturbed and must recover.
  • Pre-digestion no longer takes place
  • The oral flora is disturbed
  • During the application pause, the body rebuilds the anaerobic bacteria because they are needed
 So everything starts again from the beginning ....
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