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Bad breath -
a widespread problem

There are many rumours surrounding the causes of bad breath.
The most common thing is, bad breath comes from the stomach. But this is rarely the case. In fact, it mainly occurs in the mouth and throat. Bacteria that are used for pre-digestion produce so-called volatile sulphur compounds that cause the odour. As affected people, we seldom smell our own bad breath because our brain suppresses the body's own odors. If this were not the case, we would be able to perceive the smells around us only changed or not at all. We also want to put a myth straight away: Breathing into your hand and then smelling it doesn't do anything to detect bad breath!

How do we know whether we are suffering from bad breath?

  • Lick over the back of your hand or wipe off a fresh cloth on the tongue. Smell after about 30 seconds on the back of your hand or cloth..
  • Use the bad breath online test for a first suspicion
  • Test yourself with a halimeter.The Tanita breath tester provides the first indications.
  • A dental examination with a professional halimeter
  • The safest method is to question a fellow human being of trust

We are also happy to advise you personally on the phone.

Personal consultation
in case of bad breath


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Send us your request by e-mail (click on the picture above) or call our bad breath hotline at +49-(0)89-43572804
(if our answering machine answers, leave us a message, because we will call you back!)

Bad Breath:
Information and causes


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Learn more about bad breath and possible causes...

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