"Fortunately, it is not complicated to get mouth-odor bacteria under control and so keep the formation of bad breath as low as possible"

1. Drink plenty of water
Water is just good for everyone: it makes you strong, keeps you slim, healthy and gives people a good look. It also keeps your breath fresh. A well moist mouth is rich in saliva. Saliva is the body-borne and highly effective bacterial opponent, because it contains a lot of oxygen.

Drinking more water means:
More saliva - more control over mouth odor bacteria - more fresh breath.

Sounds simple, does not it?

2. Check your medicines for the side effect -Trockener Mund -
Medicines that promote and support health can unfortunately also provide for the formation of more mouth odor bacteria. Many medicines have a dry mouth as an undesirable effect. This means less saliva formation (and thus less oxygen) and is thus an ideal prerequisite for bacterial growth. In a dry mouth, Atemfrisch® (by the way, the kauX® chewing gum with highly dosed xylitol) restores healthy mouthfeel and supports the formation of saliva. A healthy amount of saliva is the prerequisite for fresh breath, since there is then sufficient oxygen in the mouth.

3. After each meal, rinse your mouth (and only with water)
Most people clean their teeth only once a day - from a dentist's point of view: it means that after the morning brushing the food remains from the breakfast possibly for about 23 hours! The bacteria in the mouth as "food" are available.
This not only ensures the formation of bad breath, but also promotes plaque and caries.
We recommend that you brush your teeth after every meal, or at least rinse with water. Or use the xylitol-containing dental care chewing gum kauX®.
Thorough rinsing ensures at least that food remains between the teeth, especially sugar and protein-containing, rinsed out. But remember, water only removes substances that can decompose the bacteria and form mouth odor. In order to get the bacteria under control, however, agents against oral odor with the active ingredient hdO2 - such as Atemfrisch® - are necessary. Make it better than most people: Brush your teeth in the morning and in the evening, and your dentist will thank you too.

4. Protein-containing food supplements are "food" for bacteria
A number of such protein-containing substances (eg whey and creatinine) are "fodder" for the bacteria, which makes sense: such substances are intended to supply the body quickly and effectively Are in the pharynx - and then provide for mouth odor. So if you are taking protein supplements, you should carefully and thoroughly brush your teeth and mouth after each dose. Do not give the bacteria a free meal!

5. A white or yellow tongue means: Here, bacteria are celebrating a party
If your tongue has a thick white or yellow covering, this is the typical sign of wild bacteria, usually a coating of this kind occurs when you have not cleaned your teeth and drank alcohol the night before The alcohol "feeds" the bacteria and ensures a dry mouth. The covering may also be a sign of slight headaches or other bacterial infections. To get rid of this covering, you should use a tongue cleaner or a toothbrush to work both the tongue and the inside of the cheeks. Quickly the covering disappears, at the same time a reduction of the bacteria formation occurs.

It remains to be mentioned, that these bacteria in the mouth far worse can do than oral odor ...


Atemfrisch® is very suitable for preventing mouth odor because of its composition. The main active substance is highly dosed oxygen: hdO2.

If the saliva does not get enough oxygen in the mouth and throat area - Atemfrisch® with hdO2 brings it!


The active main active ingredient hdO2 (highly dosed oxygen) immediately releases all of its oxygen when it enters your mouth. Each time you use Atemfrisch® and one of the Atemfrisch® products gets into your mouth, an intense oxygen reaction takes place: smelling sulfide is converted into non-smelling sulfate and the unrestrained increase in the anaerobic bacteria responsible for the bad breath braked. However, enough bacteria remain to make the pre-digestion in the mouth.

Atemfrisch® is totally user-friendly


Atemfrisch® Mouthwash contains no alcohol, no sugar etc. To the product in the shop