About us

About us

Since 2002, her Tetrobreath team has been dealing with the issue of bad breath and its prevention and control:


Initially, Therabreath products were imported from the USA with the company glasow&wagatha medical GmbH and sold in Germany via pharmacies and specialized internet shopping partners.

A lot of groundwork has also been done on the subject of where the bad breath really comes from. Dentists, in particular, were still very often of the opinion that the bad breath comes primarily from the stomach.

Many affected people therefore went through the Staffette: Dentist: first oral hygiene, then ENT, then internist with gastroscopy and always the great disappointment, if all this did not help and the helplessness. Thus, we always considered it to be a core task not only to offer an efficient way of avoiding bad breath, but also to contribute to the clarification of the main cause of bad breath:

More than 90% of the bad breath in the mouth is produced by anaerobic bacteria (= bacteria that do not like oxygen) during the pre-digestion process, especially the protein.

So what could be more obvious than bringing oxygen into the mouth to these bacteria?

In 2010 the Therabreath products were renamed to Tetrobreath and glasow&wagatha medical GmbH together with Tetrobreath GmbH expanded the distribution of the Tetrobreath products all over Europe.

Now, in 2017, Tetrobreath GmbH is launching a new, optimized remedy against bad breath with the breath freshener mouthwash. The main ingredient is very high-dose oxygen (hdO2). The overall concept of the breath freshener mouthwash is not aimed at covering the bad breath, but at optimally delivering a fresh breath - if the cause lies with the anaerobic bacteria (which is 90% the case).

We are still convinced that high-dose oxygen is the best way to avoid bad breath and get fresh breath.

Why? Let us take a look at the products on the market for the treatment of bad breath:

There are a lot of sweets, chewing gum, pastilles, hot-tasting mouthwashes (often also with alcohol, which removes additional oxygen from the mouth), etc., which promise fresh breath. But how long does it last? How much sugar, etc. does it consume and it only lasts for a few minutes? Exceptions to this rule are products containing xylitol. Because xylitol stimulates salivation. Saliva also contains oxygen and when swallowing saliva, many anaerobic bacteria are swallowed.

Killing anaerobic bacteria
Many products against bad breath kill the anaerobic bacteria. This prevents pre-digestion and there is no sulphide that smells. So the bad breath is gone. These products can be recognized by the fact that after a certain period of use one should take a break or that the products should only be used for a certain period of time. Why? Because not only the bacteria are killed, but also the oral flora is disturbed and has to recover.


The pre-digestion no longer takes place

The oral flora is disturbed

During the treatment pause, the body rebuilds the anaerobic bacteria because it needs them.

So everything starts all over again.....


Fresh breath with breath fresh mouth rinse! This is where the experience of your Tetrobreath team over the last 15 years lies!