For fresh breath--chewing gum with oxygen

For fresh breath--chewing gum with oxygen

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100 g = 29.12 €

-- fresh breath en route--dental care chweing gum with oxygen against bad breath

-- suitable for vegetarian, vegans and diabetics

-- without sugar/ sugarfree


The dental care chewing gum with oxygen, xylit and zinc

Fights and prevents bad breath being on the road--the ideal complement to the Atemfrisch Mundspülung (oral rinse, mouthwash) and the other products of Tetrobreath.

The chewing gum also for fresh breath because of garlic, onions, tobacco and coffee. Very ggod taste.

-- fast against bad breath

-- stimulates the saliva production

Sorbitol, rubber base, natriumbiocarbonate, Maltit-sirupe, xylit, natural aromes, glycerin, dicalciumphosphate, calciumperoxid, zincglukonate, titandioxid, CiK, resinous glaze, carnauba, THB (stabilizer)

10 pieces

Application: chew maximum 3 chewing gums a day--more can have a laxative effect.

Store cool and dry.

Keep out of the reach of children

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